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My name is Stephen Moore and I’m the head accounting tutor, with over 30 years of accounting experience, 25 years of tutoring experience and 15 years of experience as a teacher. I studied French alongside Accountancy at Stirling University, then I trained as a Chartered Accountant for three years. I only used my French once - to help a partner book a holiday by phoning the hotel direct, rather than going through a travel agent. I got the price down from 18,000 francs (c.£1950) to 10,000 francs (c.£1080), and all I got was a Merci!

I subsequently started private tutoring and then enrolled on a PGCE course. I taught accounts for five years, during which time I passed the ATT course and recently became a Fellow Member. I then decided to return to practice to get my ACCA qualification. I’m proud to say that I won the Financial Reporting exam prize in June 2002, achieving the joint highest mark worldwide, and passed the final exams in 2003.

However, were the seeds of my calling as an accountant sown much earlier? I was always better with numbers than with tools and, at school, I could not do woodwork to save my life. Indeed, my woodwork teacher told my parents that "I'd never make a living as a cabinet maker". That seems to have rung true. What neither of us realised at the time, however, was that I had actually found my true vocation in his lessons.

Whenever we made anything, we had to buy the wood we needed, and the price list was based on unit lengths or areas. I was good at maths and, so, most of my classmates would get me to calculate the cost of the wood for their creations, rather than working it out for themselves. As a 13-year-old, I was basically doing Materials Costing without even knowing it!

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My Qualifications include:

  A Degree in Accountancy from Stirling University

 A Fellowship from the ACCA (FCCA)

  A Fellowship from the ATT

  A Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

  Fluency in French and German






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